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Do you have any of the following concerns for your child?

If so, please click on that question best states what is concerning you.

Is your child very hyper? Does your child run around as if he/she is "driven by a motor"?
Does your child have difficulty concentrating or paying attention?

Does your child cry a lot? Is your child sad most of the time?
Does your child frequently withdraw from others and prefer to spend time alone?
Is your child frequently irritable?

Are you concerned that issues within your family may be causing your child to be distressed?

Does your child seem nervous or worried more often than other children his/her age?

Does your child frequently "act up"? Does your child often refuse to do what you ask, or purposely do things you have asked your child not to do, just to annoy you?
Does your child often get into trouble at school?
Does your child have frequent tantrums?
Is your child often aggressive towards others?

Does your child purposefully set fires?
Has your child ever been arrested?
Has your child ever run away from home or left school without your permission?

Does your child have trouble with schoolwork?

Does your child have trouble sleeping (falling asleep, staying asleep, waking in the morning)?

Does your child have difficulty with language, speaking to others and/or understanding what others are saying?

Does your child act very differently from other children his or her age?
Has your child had difficulty meeting his/her developmental milestones on time?

Do you suspect that your child has a problem with alcohol and/or drugs?

Does your child frequently have times when part of the body moves repeatedly, quickly, suddenly and uncontrollably (for example, eye blinking, facial grimacing, head jerks, shoulder shrugs)?

Do you suspect that your child has been touched inappropriately, physically or in a sexual way?
Do you feel your child has been affected by often seeing adults argue and/or fight with one another?

Does your child say he/she hears, sees or smells things that aren't there?

Are you concerned about your child's nutrition or eating habits?
Are you concerned because your child is very underweight?

Your child's mental and emotional health is as important as their physical health.

Click on the above links if they concern you about your child.

Click here for a list of Central Mississippi Mental Health Professionals

For information about available mental health resources outside of Central Mississippi, please contact your local MAP (Making A Plan) team.

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